Public Speaking, Executive Presence, and Career Achievement


Prepare for major speeches. 

Analysis and recommendations based on clients' videotaped public speaking events

Group and individual coaching to prepare for upcoming speeches, panels, and client presentations.


Prepare and practice your elevator introduction speech - or how to answer - Tell me about yourself.

Event speaker for conferences, retreats, and more.
Step Back to Move Forward - The irreplaceable career value of stepping back to check your view
How to Get Things Done - A strategic approach to accomplishing your goals at work
Giving and Receiving Honest Feedback - How to change the world one professional at a time

Press Conference Microphones

Prepare and practice for media interviews

Online Public Speaking Course
POWER Your Public Speaking

A Diplomat's Guide to Preparation, Confidence, and Career Success in a Live, Virtual, and Hybrid World


Strategic career navigation coaching

Video taped practice and feedback.

Coaching may be in person or virtual.


Coaching in Executive Presence - the ability to project leadership, confidence, and energy.

Certified to provide DISC Flow behavioral style and emotional intelligence assessments to help build stronger teams and better relationships at work.