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  • Elizabeth Bernstein

Be More Like Rocky Balboa: Have a Theme Song

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

By Elizabeth Bernstein

A beloved song can pump us up and get us through tough tasks

"As Eileen Smith walked to the podium to deliver a speech recently, her heart pounded. She was addressing players, coaches and parents at her son’s lacrosse team banquet and felt emotional.

Ms. Smith tried taking deep breaths to calm herself. It didn’t work.

So she began singing, in her head: “Gonna fly now. Flying high now. Gonna fly, FLY…” “I played my ‘Rocky’ song in my head to build my confidence,” says Ms. Smith, 52 years old, a diplomat-turned-speaking-coach.

Eileen Smith says she often listens to the ‘Rocky’ theme song to build confidence and energy. PHOTO: STEPHANIE SMITH

Ms. Smith has been singing the song for decades at times when she needs an extra boost of courage or energy."


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