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"When I was Deputy Secretary of State, Eileen helped me prepare for speeches at the State Department, United Nations and the White House.  She has a natural eye for details in public speaking and executive presence, a warm and engaging approach, and a clear focus on empowering the delivery of my message."

President, JPMorgan Chase PolicyCenter

Heather Higginbottom

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“Eileen’s public speaking training sessions were a highlight of our curriculum.  All of our students said they would recommend Eileen's course to a colleague.  Her individual encouragement and personalized feedback made every single student feel more prepared for public speaking engagements.  Her thoughtful guidance and warm personality created a comfortable practice environment, and I already feel a marked improvement in my public speaking abilities. Thank you, Eileen!”

Program Manager, Abshire-Inamori Leadership Academy, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Ali Corwin

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"It was such a pleasure to work with Eileen! She ran two public speaking and executive presence workshops for CFR term members and I continue to receive high-praise from those who participated. Eileen practices what she preaches, so her presentation is fun and easy to listen and relate to throughout the workshop. She engages with her audience, gives them practical tips and constructive feedback, and everyone left the workshop with something tangible they could implement immediately in their daily lives. The skills Eileen teaches truly are the difference maker in careers and anyone who takes part in one will walk away feeling that they have made a positive step toward career advancement."

Director, Meetings and Term Member Program, Council on Foreign Relations

Meaghan Fulco

Individual coaching: "Eileen is a fabulous public speaking coach! Through her career at the State Department, Eileen has been in the same public speaking situations that most people in the DC policy community have experienced, and she was able to relate immediately to my specific concerns and desired areas of improvement. Eileen is entirely kind, helpful, and constructive in her feedback, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again!"

Group coaching: "Thank you so very much for a phenomenal public speaking session this evening! Even though the Zoom format would be challenging for most presenters, your warmth and enthusiasm came right through everyone’s screens, and you held everyone’s attention throughout! You especially helped the group establish camaraderie and have fun in the second half of the session (no small task, since our group has never met in person)!"

Managing Editor and Senior Fellow, Global Energy Center, Atlantic Council

Jennifer Gordon

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"It seems everyone I talk to wants me to express appreciation for your inspiring presentation on Tuesday. Your years of experience, your depth of understanding of people, and your ability to present in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable evenings in our group's history. I personally appreciated your approach to the three points we need to remember for an impactful elevator speech."

Vice President of Congressional and Public Affairs and Head of Women Taking the Lead, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Ashley Wilson

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"Eileen is very easy to connect with and makes the public speaking process fun and manageable. Thank you, Eileen, for giving us the tools to be more confident and capable!"

Director, Federal Affairs, General Motors

Cherie Wilson

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"Our team of consultants works with clients in many high-stakes or high-pressure situations and the messages we deliver are just as important as the manner in which we deliver them. Eileen’s workshop with our team was exceptional.  She tailored it to the specific challenges we face and highlighted ways to improve our delivery and presence in these scenarios.  Everyone who participated was clearly energized by the presentation and workshop, and afterwards the team was buzzing about lessons that could immediately apply to our work.  Even a week later we still had people power-posing around the office."

Manager, CrowdStrike

Eben Kaplan

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"We retained Eileen to instruct a two-day public speaking class for a cross-section of our employees.  A post class survey gave it an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.  All of the participants would recommend the training to a colleague.  Those who took the class very much appreciated how Eileen really connected with the group.  They walked away with several tools to assist them in delivering presentations.  Eileen’s polite critique and encouraging feedback honed in on the issue and was immediately applicable."

Director of Communications,

Battelle National Biodefense Institute

Brian Gaudet

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"I really enjoyed the class and appreciated your help and feedback!"

Georgetown University Student

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"Great response from our communications class!  Eileen’s approach was pragmatic, engaging and focused on results.  She made the material accessible and fun, she gave great specific feedback, and our students appreciated the practical takeaways."

Visiting Associate Professor, George Washington University

Tom Palaia

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"During this COVID-19 pandemic, we moved all classes online. Students still needed to deliver presentations covering their research topics. Eileen gave an exceptional training exercise that provided pointers for virtual presentation, demonstrated the techniques she advocates, and engaged the entire class.  We cannot thank her enough for this informative, educational lecture. Every single student in the class was able to list several ways that Eileen's presentation helped, and all of them gave her an "A"!"

Assistant Director, Pharmacy Professional Development

Jeannette Wick

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"Atlantic Council experts are frequently called upon to provide media commentary and appear at public events.  Our staff constantly strives to exceed expectations of a polished presentation and skilled media presence.  Eileen analyzed the backgrounds of our staff, studied videos of their speaking events, and proposed a tailored package of training to meet our goals.  I got rave reviews of her coaching and our team is asking for more!"

Chief Talent Officer, Atlantic Council

Adwoa Mograbi

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"The introduction to public speaking staff training provided by Spokesmith was an excellent opportunity for our employees to strengthen their skills and learn from one another. We liked it so much, we are now working with Spokesmith to provide one-on-one consultations."

Director of Programs, Promundo

Jane Kato-Wallace

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"Loved my follow up session with Eileen. She came very prepared, had excellent feedback after reviewing some of my previous speaking engagements and gave me very actionable recommendations on what to do better.  She also compared my performance to previous sessions and told me what I had improved on. Practice recordings really helped me and I am taking away great homework from our session!"

Director, Institute of International Economic Law, Georgetown University Law Center

Marie Kasperek


"The interview training you conducted with me was spot-on! I really feel it made the difference! Thank you again for helping me in what has been a critical turning point in my career. I am so very excited about my political appointment!"

Successful Job Seeker

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"After just an hour's time, I'm thinking more critically than I ever have about stage presence, posture, and storytelling. I appreciated Eileen's attention to what I've been doing wrong, as well as the things I've been doing right!"

Resident Fellow, Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council

Emerson Brooking

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"This was my first public speaking coaching experience and I truly enjoyed it. The session was engaging, very well targeted to my needs, and I came out of it with concrete, actionable take-aways. I'll definitely recommend this to other colleagues."

Vice President of Programs and Research, Promundo

Giovanna Lauro

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"Eileen is personable and warm, and makes you feel right at ease--which is hugely important when working on something that makes many of us nervous. She had helpful, simple, and implementable changes and tips that I can use the next time I have a speaking engagement, and she gave very constructive feedback and pointers, highly recommend!"

Deputy Director (former), Global Energy Center, Atlantic Council

Ellen Scholl

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"Eileen was great to work with. We didn't waste any time and in just one hour (which flew by), we were able to fine tune my elevator pitch. I found it really useful to think about a modified elevator pitch depending on the audience and setting. I look forward to more opportunities to work with Eileen for future speaking engagements!"

Deputy Director, Operations, Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, Atlantic Council

Tuqa Nusairat

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